Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Prayer

God's got
the whole world,
the little bitty baby,
you and me brother and
you and me sister
in God's hands.

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Juniper said...

Friends, prayers of rejoicing! My husband is getting a new, long-awaited, much-needed wheelchair and we now have a delivery date of Feb 9. And somehow our insurance is paying for it all.

We are excited and nervous as this new chair will mean big changes and adjustments for us both.

(the chair raises up to 6 feet, goes easily over grass and sand, and goes up and down steps - all things which have been impossible for years!)

The timing is weird because the company that makes this wheelchair is going out of business on 1/30, and the injustice of others not being able to access this technology, and the addition to the numbers of the unemployed when both of our jobs seem fairly secure at the moment. So I'm praying for the healing of the health care system and economy, too. I'm figuring it's pretty big, but God can handle big prayers as well as little ones.