Friday, January 30, 2009

A Prayer For Those in Authority

O God, you have given some of us responsibility and authority over others -- as leaders in the Church, as leaders in the workplace, as teachers and administrators in the world of education, as parents.
Help us always to act fairly and justly, but help us always leaven justice with mercy and compassion.
Help us to know when to enforce discipline
and when to relax it.
Help us to remember that people are always more important than things.
Help us in the wise use of power
and keep us from either being afraid to exercise it at all
or applying it too severely.
Help us be role models for others by what we say and do.
Help us to remember that, although some of us are "masters,"
we too have a Master. Amen.

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Juniper said...

Oh BOY did I need this today -- I'm reading it a few days late for a purpose I am sure. Thank you LC.