Sunday, January 25, 2009

Prayer for Epiphany 3B

Almighty Compassionate God,
You care for all your peoples, whether they are here around us or in far off places, you care enough to call people to bring the good news to them.

You care about our country during these tough economic times, and times of transition to a new president and his cabinet.
You care about countries like Gaza, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan who have deeper problems and needs than we do.

You care about those who are sick, in pain, in the hospital, home bound and in nursing homes, your compassion extends to them.
You care about those who carry heavy burdens, broken hearts, grieving, lonely and anxious, your compassion extends to them as well.

You care for the great number of people losing their jobs, losing their homes, losing their bank accounts as well as those who have had none of those for a long time.

You care for those of us who answered your call to preach your word, teach your word, Pastor your flock, and lead in songs of praise, your compassion extends to us as well.

Lord we thank you for your compassion, your care, your mercy and the good news of your son Jesus Christ. Amen

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Teri said...

Please pray for my friend Sarah. She is in some bad mental/emotional space and is pushing all her friends away, becoming increasingly negative about everything, and pulling out of activities she once enjoyed (particularly music and fellowship activities at church). She's also convinced that she's "revolting" and needs to lose 100 pounds, so she's crash dieting and exercising like crazy, but (shockingly!) it's not working.

All of us (her friend circle) feel like we are walking on egghells and hanging out with her is very stressful, we are so afraid of saying something that will set off the negativity. We don't really know what to do since she seems to think we are all against her losing weight or involved in oppressing her by asking her to do things at church. We want to be her friend, supportive and loving her through the darkness, but she won't let us.


Sophia said...

Praying, Teri.