Monday, January 5, 2009

The Infancy of God

Suddenly my heart was touched and I BELIEVED....I was overcome with a sudden and overwhelming sense of the innocence and the eternal infancy of God--an inexpressible revelation.

When I have tried, as I often have, to reconstruct the minutes which followed this extraordinary moment, I have isolated the following elements which, however, simply formed a single flash of illumination, a single weapon which Divine Providence used to force an opening into the heart of a poor despairing child. "How happy the people are who can believe! Suppose it it were true, though? It is true! God exists. He is there. It's someone. It's a Being as personal as myself. He loves me and calls me."

Paul Claudel, "My Conversion"

Pilgrim Souls: A Collection of Spiritual Autobiographies
Ed. by Amy Mandelker and Elizabeth Powers (Simon and Schuster, 1999)

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Sophia said...

The monthly spiritual formation group we're starting in my parish has its first meeting tomorrow night....Please pray that I lead well and it is fruitful for those who attend (and that everyone who would find it fruitful find their way there)....And also for my sermon/ lectionary reflection for the Feminist Theology blog, due later this week.