Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Prayer

When we get tired and anxious and overwhelmed by Christmas preparations
Forgive us God and help us refocus
When we lose sight of the purpose of Advent and Christmas
Forgive us God and help us refocus
When we resist the change and transformation that Jesus Christ brings into our lives
Forgive us God and help us refocus
When we are tempted to put Christmas away with the decorations
Forgive us God and help us refocus

The Minister's Annual Manuel for Preaching and Worship Planning 2008-2009, Logos Productions Inc, Prayer of Confession, p 188


Mary Beth said...

This is a good reminder for me today!

I am very stressed, please keep me in your prayers. One of my staff made some big mistakes with a program (leaving today for India) and there was a HUGE fuss over the weekend that involved me getting a cell phone call from the faculty - already in India - shouting abuse at me. I was at a motorcycle rally in leathers, with bikes ROARING all around me. It was charming.

I'm happy to report that I stood right up to him (he later apologized for shouting) but there was still the mess to deal with...and it continues into today. The group will get off okay and then I need to have a "come to Jesus" meeting with the staffer. Mostly because he didn't TELL anyone about the problems, just tried to handle them himself. Big big mistake.


THanks for listening.

Sophia said...

Oh, sorry to hear that, MB. Praying for your protection and peace as you manage the situation.

You got my quite belated BE application, right? I never heard.

Songbird said...


Sophia said...

Whoops, sorry folks. I accidentally posted Wednesday's entry from my personal blog here. It's deleted now.

If you didn't see it you might want to come check it out at my place--there is a very cute picture of Katie on a milestone day for her.