Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday Advent Prayer

May these holy Advent days renew our lives,
lead us to peace,
fill us with grace and hope,
disarm our hearts,
turn us back toward the God of peace,
and make us faithful watchers,
ready for Jesus and his Christmas gift of peace.


By John Dear


Juniper said...

Sarah and friends are still live blogging labor over at The Gift Finally Given.

Sophia said...

Thanks for alerting us to the labor blogging yesterday, Juniper!

I heard the good news and the bad news and the good news today about the school with the fantastic preliminary interview and budget uncertainty.

Good: I was told I was on, not just the shortlist, but the "exceedingly short list". Means my read of the interview was accurate--and the person I was afraid of sabotaging me didn't.

Bad: Search is cancelled for this year due to the economy. I'm peaceful but sad, especially since it would have been sort of close to my husband's parents and I really loved the potential colleagues and the Jesuit environment.

Good: They hope to hire next year and will not run a new search, but interview those of this year's shortlist that are still available. So if nothing else pans out this year I have a good possibility waiting in the wings.

Also, I got an email yesterday from another school and one week from today I have a preliminary phone interview with them--prayers appreciated.

Mary Beth said...

Oy, Sophia! That is great news, but bittersweet. Great affirmation, anyway.

Will be praying for the upcoming phone interview...and for you and yours.