Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Prayer

Holy and gracious God,
the giver of light and life,
we thank you for this gift of life.

We thank you
for those who come into our lives
as prophets,
pointing us toward that most precious gift,
your Son.

We thank you
for those we travel with us
as we seek to know more fully
who we are
as your people.

Come to us this day
and every day.
Come to us
in the trials and tribulations.

Be with us
in through the storms of life,
and otherwise.

Come to us
in our birthings
and in our dyings.

Come to us
and comfort us.
Come to us
and give us your peace.

Come to us
that we might see the way.
Come to us
that we can be
Your hands and heart.

Come to us
that we might be
the source
of healing
and reconciliation
in this broken world.

O Come, Emmanuel.

1 comment:

Sophia said...

Beautiful, MP, thank you.