Monday, November 10, 2008

The Ways of Wisdom

Come and seek the ways of Wisdom,
she who danced when earth was new.
Follow closely what she teaches,
for her words are right and true.
Wisdom clears the path of justice,
showing us what love must do.

Listen to the voice of Wisdom,
crying in the marketplace.
Hear the Word made flesh among us,
full of glory, truth and grace.
When the word takes root and ripens,
peace and righteousness embrace.

Sister Wisdom, come, assist us;
nurture all who seek rebirth.
Sprit-guide and close companion,
bring to light our sacred worth.
Free us to become your people,
holy friends of God and earth.

Text: Ruth Duck, from Circles of Care: Hymns and Song (Pilgrim Press, 1996).
Tune: Julion, David Hurd (GIA Publications, 1983).


Deb said...

Would covet more of God's Wisdom for me in my situation...

I've been put on the preaching schedule for the Sunday after Christmas to preach on "hope". I'm delighted. But I'm also struggling.

The lead pastor told me that in order to be allowed to preach after this time, I need to be "warm" and not "finger-pointing." That I need to "talk to" and not "talk at" people. I totally agree these are important communication tips. So I asked for examples. He said, "oh, it's just our (meaning the teaching team's) impression."

I asked for specifics, so that I could see are there mannerisms, or phrases, or anything? I asked if we could watch my sermons on video (I have them) so that he could freeze frame and help me see it. I really want to improve!

He said, "Oh, well, no, I think the problem is you are a mom. And you talk like it."


SO - I went to 3 leaders in confidence, people who are not on the staff and asked them. They (to a person - man, woman, teen) all said... "huh? you're style is not that way at all."

My husband says the answer is that I don't preach like a man.


I want to preach God's message, in a way that is uniquely mine. Not Mark's. Not Darin's. Not Richard's.

Pray for discernment. Pray for me to be God's woman, preaching God's Word. I don't want to be a "canned" preacher, cloned in a specific style Mark thinks is "best" -- even if it means I'll never darken their pulpit again.

Pray that I will set the comments aside (they are angering me) and focus instead of what God has in mind.


Sophia said...

Praying, Deb.

Mary Beth said...

Praying for you, dear friend.

Did you see ATM today? I thought of you...