Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday Prayer

Prayer for those participating in U.S. elections today, adapted from one by Richard O Sparrow of the United Church of Christ national staff.

God of all nations, including ours,
God of all people, including us,
Enlighten and guide our hearts and minds
As we prepare to vote.

Guide us, that we might be thoughtful voters.
We pray for freedom from a cacophony of voices
that speak to fear and self-interest more than faith and commonwealth.

Guide us, that we might be informed voters.
Keep us from partisan opinions, half-truths or small pictures
that obscure Your longings for us.

Guide us, that we might be wise voters.
Give us clarity to discern between your way and our will.

Guide us, that we might be faithful voters.
As we cast our ballots, call forth our highest commitments
as doers of justice and lovers of kindness.

Guide us, that we might walk humbly with you, for the good of all.


Sophia said...

Sorry I missed yesterday, folks--I was traveling back from AAR and forgot to post ahead.

Thanks so much for the prayers for my interviews. Two went okay and could go either way; one went fantastic and I think I'm guaranteed one of the three on campus interviews if they happen. Unfortunately the funding on that one may fall through--they won't know till after Nov. 30. And I came home to one more possibility though they won't decide about interviews for a few weeks. So ongoing prayers would be much appreciated.

Mary Beth said...


Deb said...

me too... a day later... :)