Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Souls Day

A Prayer for All Souls Day

Prince of Lights,
upon the Throne
Which all the
Seven circle,
Immortals ringing
Love eternal,
Hear our prayer

Triune Sky’s
renascent Sun,
Swift unmoved
and moving still
All the spinning
spheres, hear,
Hear our prayer

Musician, Master of Silence, O sweet
Symphonist thundering Melody, Maker
And Mover of Heaven’s harmony hear,
Hear our prayer

For those who died far from home,
who died suddenly,
Shivering shocked into silence
Grant them your peace

For those who pined on the shore for the lost
long years before Death brought release
Grant them your peace

For those who denied you and sought you,
Fleeing your face and chasing your shadows;
May they drink of the fountain that drank of the streams
Lord, grant them your peace

For those who fight the tides too quickly come,
Numb with pain, immersed in confusion;
Terrified we might lose them we broken voiced pray,
Through you wounds and for Lazarus’ love let them live
Grant them your peace

For we who remain in the dark wood — Minoan
Throttle of illusion — doubting the Fire
Of your Love which burns all about us, open our eyes,
And grant us your peace

Your peace which passes all understanding:
Keep our hearts and minds in your knowledge and love,
Now and always, Amen.

David Ashford

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