Saturday, November 8, 2008

Advent Peace Prayer

Lord, we know what peace is.
Peace is a mother tenderly holding her child.
Peace is a firm handshake of trust between friends.
Peace iscomplete emotional security.
Peace is livingun encumbered with a full sense of joy.
Peace is expressing Thanksgiving for concrete blessings.
For the peace gained from the love and memory of spouses and children, we thank you ..
For the peace gained from the love and memory of parents and grandparents, we thank you ..
For the peace gained from the kindness and support of friends, we thank you ..
For the peace gained when the music of the Gods is sung, we thank you ..
Peace is elusive.
There are raging storms in every life.
Tragedy, grief, and pain will visit everyone.
Yet, each person's life is graced by moments and periods of real happiness.
For these episodes of peace and joy ..
past, present, & future,we offer our deepest gratitude.
Help us to understand that peace must be waged.
We must resist the gun, the bomb, "realistic politics," unkind words,
personal betrayals, anger, depression, despair, and rage.
Give us the strength to overcome these demons.
Help us maintain personal power within ourselves,
so we can pass this liberating power to others.
Give hope and courage to all who struggle with debilitating illness, grief, and loneliness.
Help them to understand .. ALL chains WILL be BROKEN.

Lift up your hearts!

God is great!


advent peace prayer - john devries

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