Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Prayer

God of Grace,

of unexpected openings in the afternoon,
of green lights,
of kindness from strangers,
of home-created gifts in wrinkled wrapping paper,
of sunshine in autumn,
of soft words over telephone wires,
of reassurance typed on a keyboard somewhere out there
and received on a screen just right here,
of the laughter of old people,
of a yes when a no was expected,
of relief was pain was expected,
of love sustained over years and years and years in spite of it all.
God of all these things.

Thank you.

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Sophia said...

I have three preliminary interviews for college teaching jobs this weekend at the American Academy of Religion meeting! Praise God! Please pray that they will go well.

Please note also that, to foster job search success and lower googleability, the blogger formerly known as Mother Laura is now Sophia in public contexts (Laura or ML is still fine here of course, but "posted by" can only have one option so here it is). This also goes with a new blog, Sophia's Call. Junia's Daughter will soon vanish, so if I'm on your blogroll please switch to the new place. Thanks!