Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday: Prayer for Peace

-- found at Prayer for Peace.


Deb said...

This is wonderful. Thanks.

Since "no one" was available to lead Communion tomorrow, I was asked to "fill in just this one time." Pray that I give new life to the familiar Words of Life.

I'm finding it humorous that just after I am taking "off" of the schedule that suddenly I am needed again. God has a sense of humor...


mompriest said...

Prayers please for: M2, my friend with the twins, who is in a job search and feeling rather discouraged.

Also for my son, who is really struggling with, well, what it means to be 16 in this day and age...

Mary Beth said...

Sweet Deb. God bless your humor and love. God bless your leading of this holy observance. God knows what She is doing! :)

And praying for M2, and for your son, MP. And you. 16 was hardest for me (as a momma).

Deb said...

MP -
hard to be a girl in this age range too.. the Harpist struggles with being who God made her to be and wanting to be accepted. Gee. Imagine that - just like the big people.

And for M2 - the "God-given" job. Just in time.