Thursday, October 16, 2008

For Thursday

Holy God, in the beginning was darkness, mystery, and you. By your own Word, you shattered the darkness with light. You set in the sky radiant beams of sunlight and punctured the night sky with sparkling jewels. You forever changed our darkness.

Holy God, though there are shadows and worries, you have placed your Word in us to be a lamp for our feet. You have given your Spirit like a bright guiding star. You fill us with your Love as glorious as the sun. You place your Truth like a crescent moon. Every darkness is overcome with Light. And every Light contains shafts of your Eternal Light.


Mother Laura said...

Sending out job applications and waiting to hear about preliminary interviews at the American Academy of Religion meeting in two weeks is really stressing me out....Please pray for my peace of mind and heart and for a clear path to where I and my family will be happy and serving the Gospel.

Mary Beth said...

Praying, Laura.

Deb said...

Thanks, Jan. There are shadows and worries. God is bigger.