Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sunday Prayer

Gracious God, today as we labor in your vineyard, your Kingdom, guide our work.
As we stand in the pulpit with all our labor for a sermon, may all that is said bring forth fruit.
May your vineyard flourish, may your Kingdom flourish.
May your spirit flow forth like water watering the land, may our souls be filled with your goodness, your mercy, your kindness.
Oh Lord we pray for our brothers and sisters
who were devastated by the power of hurricane Ike.
Oh Lord we pray for those who have lost their homes,
lost their jobs, lost their savings in this economic crisis.
Lord, presently, life just doesn't seem fair.
Life seems precarious, and unsure.
Lord we turn to you to right the wrong, bring peace to war torn lives,
comfort to those who are in pain and suffering, and love to those who feel unloved
Oh Lord the list goes on of the needs in this world.
How do we find the words, to say, except to turn to you our rock and our salvation.
And so Lord to you we turn and place our trust. Amen

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Preacher Mom said...

*As posted at my blog:

Friends, I don't know how much a person can handle. CJ's 4-year-old cousin died earlier this week from complications from cancer. He was buried today. CJ's grandfather was found dead late tonight. Two of his very best friends were killed in a car accident tonight. CJ is still in the hospital, some 14 hours away from home. He is alone. His family were all home for today's funeral. My only consolation is that he does have a chaplain with him right now. I don't know what to say. I don't know how to pray. I don't know how to help him. Rosemary is shaken to the core. I no longer really know how to help her. And in 8 1/2 hours I will stand before a congregation as a spiritual leader.

God help us all.

Mary Beth said...

Good God.

Praying for CJ, his family, Rosemary, and you. You.

Teri said...

oh lord...

trying to pray, preacher mom...