Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Prayer

You have loved us first. Help us never to forget that you are love, so that this sure conviction might triumph in our hearts over the seduction of the world, over the inquietude of the soul, over the anxiety for the future, over the fright of the past, over the distress of the moment. But grant also that this conviction might discipline our souls so that our hearts might remain faithful and sincere in the love which we bear to all those whom you have commanded us to love as we love ourselves.

~Soren Kierkegaard
(Gannet Iona Image)


Teri said...

there has been a massive rockslide on the edge of Cairo, not far from where I and many of my friends once lived. Some of my friends live in this community--or they did. It's literally been flattened by a chunk of cliff falling down on the packed neighborhood. Please pray for rescue workers and for those who may still be trapped, and for the families and friends who are devastated. The egyptian government is unlikely to do anything to help...

Songbird said...

Gannet Girl, thank you for the beautiful prayer and image. You continue to be in my prayers.

Juniper said...

Gannet Girl,
Thanks so much for posting this today. You are in my prayers, along with your entire family.

With so much heaviness in our prayers as we head toward the anniversary of 9-11 -- praying for you and friends, Teri, as well as those still in paths of hurricans -- I feel sheepish asking for this prayer - BUT I've had some bad headaches this past week and I covet your pryaers. It may NOT have been (read: it almost certainly was not) a wise choice to mess around with my own medication... Anyway, prayers appreciated.

Teri said...

juniper, that's nothing to feel sheepish about--praying for healing/relief/what you need to be whole. peace.
and GG--thanks, and my prayers are for you tonight as well.