Friday, September 12, 2008

A Prayer For the World This Friday

O God of love and mercy help us to be respectful and better stewards of all the resources you have given us; awaken us from apathy.

O God of love and mercy shine your light on all who hate and turn them from the darkness that consumes their minds, bodies and souls and bring them into the light of your love.

O God of love and mercy shine your light on each of us

that we may be passionate for your justice and mercy,

that we may reflect the beauty of your light to all peoples;

use us as instruments of your mercy and compassion and

help us to see your face in the face of our neighbor.

O God of love and mercy, let your light shine.

As summer fades and days grow shorter in the northern hemisphere, your love never fades, never wavers.

As winter warms and days grow longer in the southern hemisphere, your mercies are renewed again in forest and field and flock.

O God of love and infinite compassion, bless your world,
for you are merciful and you love your whole creation.

In Jesus’ name,


World in Prayer


Teri said...

Rainbow Pastor has shared some news and asked for prayer--she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Please pray for her, for her partner Strong Heart, and for the medical professionals who will care for her in coming days, weeks, years...

Songbird said...

So sorry to hear this, I will include her in my prayers.