Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Prayer

(From the personal photo files of Mompriest)
Gracious God, Thank you for the gift of life; for the complexity of life, the challenges of life, the beauty of life. Thank you for sending us your incarnate Word, who lived (lives) and walked (walks) as one of us. Thank you for accepting us just as we are: broken, shattered, incomplete, but willing to try to follow. Thank you for being with us as we wrestle with you and struggle through our faith and belief in you. Thank you for remaining with us when we doubt and when we resist and when we can do no more. Thank you for always waiting. Waiting for us to return. Waiting for us to understand that brief glimpse that is YOU in our lives. Thank you. And, as we limp through life, limp through faith, limp toward you, thank you for being there, with open arms and open heart. May we offer others this same generosity, compassion, and love. In your name. Amen.

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