Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Prayer

O Birther! Father- Mother of the Cosmos

Focus your light within us - make it useful.

Create your reign of unity now-

through our fiery hearts and willing hands

Help us love beyond our ideals

and sprout acts of compassion for all creatures.

Animate the earth within us: we then

feel the Wisdom underneath supporting all.

Untangle the knots within

so that we can mend our hearts' simple ties to each other.

Don't let surface things delude us,

But free us from what holds us back from our true purpose.

Out of you, the astonishing fire,

Returning light and sound to the cosmos.


Lord's Prayer, Translated from the Aramaic by Neil Douglas-Klotz


Songbird said...

I wonder if we'll ever really know what Jesus said when "he taught us to pray saying..."?
Amen, amen.

Mother Laura said...

Powerful, Juniper--thank you so much.

Thank you, everyone, for your love and prayers--they are absolutely sustaining us and helping God send us help and show us each step. I was having severe anxiety, but saw my psychiatrist yesterday and she increased my medication and I awoke today feeling peaceful and hopeful. And the weekday psychiatrist at the hospital listened to us about the behavior and the family history of bipolar (the weekend one was stuck on ADD/ADHD, which is so not Nicholas). She began him on a promising med last night (the same one I am on, as it happens) and will increase the dosage tonight, so please pray that it works and has no side effects. And also that we will find the next steps for him and all of us and especially make a good decision about his transitional care, perhaps day treatment, then school in the fall. The public middle school was the plan, so it may work with whatever help they can offer, or a private school might be best, which my parents would probably help with.
We also need a really good psychologist for me and also one for him.

Blessings on this feast of Mary Magdalene, healed and freed from seven demons to be happy and preach the Good News...

Mary Beth said...

Love this, Juniper!

Praying, Laura.

the reverend mommy said...

Prayers your way, Laura.