Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday Prayer

God is in the child's eye, see them wide wondrous wise
God is in the rain and snow, and each snowflake this we know
God is in the trees and air, the rocks the birds the bees the bears
God is in the clouds above, God is in each act of love
God is in the oceans deep, some say God goes there to sleep
God is in the mountains high whistling a lullabye
God is in the darkest wood, God is in your neighborhood
God is in a place that's near, sometimes it's just not so clear
God is in...

Beth Nielsen Chapman - God Is In/Goddess In


Mother Laura said...

This is lovely, Juniper--and following the link led me to a wonderful musician I had never heard of before. Thanks!

We are doing the "big move" this Saturday, a bit earlier than projected, as my friend Amy needs to leave by Sunday. So prayers for the gradual move stuff she and I are doing, the family move this weekend, and my healing program (still being determined) and reintegration with Matt and the kids in the new place would be much appreciated. Also for my first psychiatrist's appointment tomorrow--she sounds marvelous but it's always challenging setting up something new and getting her up to speed rapidly so she can make good recommendations....I am also hoping that the meds will become less sedating and/or she will cut the dose somewhat rapidly so I can drive myself places once Amy is gone.

Thanks so much.

Juniper said...

Prayers, prayers, prayers for you Laura.

Songbird said...

It sounds like a big weekend, Laura, and I do hope your meds-related prayers will be answered.

Mary Beth said...

Holding you up, Laura & family

Mother Laura said...

Thanks, everyone. Psychiatrist is just okay but it gives me a start while I find someone better, and she's given me the go-ahead to cut the medication gradually this week and try driving with someone else along for safety.

Moving and marital stress are heating up, but it's driving me to 1) prayer 2) a meeting tonight so that's good. That and the driving potential mean that I can also set up a week of partial treatment with the place I was inpatient (it was supposed to be this week but the insurance had a problem with my preferred site. But that was all for the best because I could use the Amy time for gradual moving and appointments like today's). And that should help ease next week when Amy is gone and we're all in the new place.