Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Apologies

I am a new contributor to this site and my first major accomplishment has been to post something intended for my own blog here. Apparently this site now pops up first when I sign in. It took me almost as long figure out how to delete the post as it did to write it, and I know that anyone who reads via a scubscription service will receive it anyway.

I'm so sorry!

Think of the Irish music as prayer.


Songbird said...

Please don't worry about it! We are all learners here. When you sign into Blogger, the most recently updated blog on your dashboard will appear at the top of the list. Just check the blog name before you click on the button to create a new post!

Juniper said...

gg - we've all been there. :)

Mary Beth said...

No worries! :)