Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lord, we ask ..

Lord, we ask for your hand of healing on those who are in pain today
Lord, we ask for your words of comfort to those who are suffering today
Lord, we ask for your love to meet the hearts of those who are lonely today

and we thank you that we can come together to pray and to worship you. Amen


Songbird said...

I appreciate your prayers as I continue to get used to my various medications for rheumatoid arthritis. I'm trying to learn my limits in terms of overdoing things but also to be kind to myself when I measure it wrong. I had two good days this week and got a big more excited than I should have about the big meds making a change. I guess it is not so linear.

Mary Beth said...

Praying for you, SB!

Also for Sue, who as has been noted on the main blog, is in hospital following a reaction to her medication.

And thanksgivings fast trip to doc provided me with two kinds of meds and I'm feeling better already.

Songbird said...

MB, so glad to hear your good news, and yes, i am praying for Sue, too.

Juniper said...

praying for songbird and for sue.

Mother Laura said...

Praying here, too, SB, and so glad you're getting good relief, MB.