Monday, July 28, 2008

Greeting Shekinah

Shekinah of the sun, Shekinah of the moon,
We greet You with our morning song,
We greet You with the washing of hands,
We greet You with our dawn fire.

Shekinah of the morning star, Shekinah of the dew,
We welcome You as the running deer,
Our feet swift in dancing.
We welcome You as the golden eagle,
Our hands spread in prayer.
We welcome You as the shimmering stream,
Our spirit flowing to the sea of Your delight.

We bless the day with our rising smoke.
Let our prayers ascend to the skies.
Let our prayers touch the earth.
Shalom Achoti, shalom Sister,
All life sings your song.

Lynn Gottlieb, She Who Dwells Within
Harper SanFrancisco, 1995, p. 32


Songbird said...


I'm thankful today that the Rheumatologist thinks methotrexate is working well for me, that my bloodwork came back fine, and that this morning I did not need Tylenol at the first possible opportunity and was able to roll my shoulders for the first time in many months.

And I'm thankful, too, for the support of this prayer community. Bless you all.

Mary Beth said...

Oh, Songbird, what great news. Thanks be to God!

Mother Laura said...


More prayers for us, please--Nicholas had a horribly violent episode last night and I am hoping the psychiatrist will increase or change his med. And I am starting to have side effects from mine so believe they need to be decreased (she had increased them due to my severe anxiety when things got so bad with him).

Songbird said...

Laura, praying.

Mother Laura said...

Many thanks, friends. The doctor was great, increased N's med and cut down mine to a reasonable level and also added an antidepressant to my mood stabilizer.