Thursday, June 19, 2008


. . . . may the dimension of God's time

allow for the maturation

of your Faith blossoms -

developing into fresh new seed pods

of Faith and Trust -

nurtured in your inner dwelling

and ready to burst forth,

scattering to others on the winds

of change,

drenched by the human tears

of joy


warmed by your inner radiant sun.

Rejoice! . . .

(by Sue Cook)


Mrs. M said...

I have a request: cpclergymama (formerly of "Can a TX Bluebonnet Bloom in TN?") is being induced into labor tomorrow morning. Prayers for health and job for her and her daughter, particularly in this difficult time of professional transition.

Juniper said...

I'm saying a prayer....

Mary Beth said...

Praying here! Thanks for letting us know, Mrs. M.

Please keep my friend Meg in your prayers: she is meeting with doctors this morning to determine whether she will be a suitable candidate for LapBand surgery. She weighs 450+ lb. so it is imperative that she lose the weight. Her husband is not being supportive...he "loves her the way she is."