Thursday, June 5, 2008

A prayer of discipleship

"Send me."

But where? To do what?

To bring pardon where there had been injury in a life I casually brushed against at my daily work? (But I had thought of mediating a teenage gang war in Chicago!)

To help turn doubt into faith in a person with whom I live intimately in my circle of family or friends? (But I had thought of helping a tired drunk from skid row!)

"Send me." Send me next door, into the next room, to speak somehow to a human heart beating alongside mine. Send me to bear a note of dignity into a subhuman, hopeless situation. Send me to show forth joy in a moment and a place where there is otherwise no joy but only the will to die.

Send me to reflect your light in the darkness of futility, mere existence, and the horror of casual human cruelty. But give me your light, too, Jesus, in my own darkness and need.

--Malcolm Boyd


Mother Laura said...

I'm home, sisters, after a week I wouldn't have missed--and wouldn't repeat--for the world.

Will blog as the Spirit leads at my place; in the meantime, many thanks for the prayers which sustained me and my family in my and our time of need. Please continue them--especially for my dear Nicholas--as we rebuild, discern, and keep opening to grace in unexpected places.

Thanks to Songbird for passing on the SOS and taking the Monday post here. I'm back on duty as of Monday and on target for next week's Friday Five as well.

Ave crux, spes unica.

(Hail, O cross, our only hope).

Mary Beth said...

So glad you are back, ML. Have been praying for you and all.

Songbird said...

Glad to hear from you and sorry things have been so difficult, ML.