Friday, June 27, 2008

A Prayer For Peace

Lord, I am part of the tension
and injustice of the world.

Forgive our human selfishness,
to which I contribute;

heal the resentment between people,
of which I am a part;

and come into the world's conflicts,
in which I share by being human.

Take my unworthiness and sorrow,
and use them in your great work
of healing and redeeming humanity.

Angela Ashwin
in The Book of A Thousand Prayers
compiled by Angela Ashwin


Mother Laura said...

Thank you, everyone, for the prayers for me and my family and the stunning posts this week. And prayers for healing and relief of anxiety for everyone else who has asked for them.

Special thanks, Songbird, for subbing Monday with the stunning Hagar picture and healing prayer, and for being my link to this marvelous praying community till I could get back to posting myself. I'm on for the coming Monday as usual.

I do hope that the pulmonary stuff is just anxiety--I have learned myself in the past weeks how severe that can be and how to use the old techniques as well as develop new ones.

Our prayer intention here continues to be a smooth transition for al in the gradual move and reconnection with family in the time that my best friend is here to provide the extra set of hands (and loving heart). Also I am working on my Feminist Theology blog reflection today in the midst of it all and need to trust the Spirit for something simple and appropriate....

Thanks, everyone. (((You all))).

Mary Beth said...

Still and always praying, Laura.

Peace, mb

Jan said...

Praying. This prayer is one I need to copy and pray at least daily. Thank you, LC.

Songbird said...

That's a very beautiful prayer.
Thanks for your thoughts on my behalf, Laura. I'm glad your home, and I hope things will go well for you.