Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday prayer

Jesus will never shame you.
He'll call you by name.
he'll take your words;
bless them,
break them,
give them to you.

paraphrase of Anna Florence Carter
preaching about Mary and Martha
Festival of Homiletics
Minneapolis, 2008


Mary Beth said...

Praying for Martha
who I believe has a doctor appointment today to see about her joint pain and swelling.

Lord, give her a sweet and certain knowledge of your presence with her today and in the days to come.

Songbird said...

Thank you, MB.
Just got back a little while ago.
I have "some form of inflammatory arthritis," and they are doing some additional tests to rule out things that are not RA. I had a chest x-ray and more labwork.
Meanwhile I'm off Alleve and on steroids (plus tylenol for day and Vicodin for night pain), which I'm not pleased about, but it's temporary and would be the first course of treatment no matter what kind of arthritis it is, to try and bring down the edema in my hands and feet and knees and wrists and... and so forth. I hate being on steroids because I always gain weight, but he says it's a stable low dose unlike the big decreasing dose dermatologists use, so it should be okay, theoretically.
I go back on the 9th, and then we'll talk about test results and get a more definitive diagnosis.
So, in conclusion, I will have to work hard not to get fat while taking steroids, but I should get some relief from the pain and swelling and stiffness pretty soon. And while I know the weight gain may not sound important next to the other stuff, some of you know I've lost a ton of weight in the past year, and I would hate to reverse course.
So, thank you for your prayers, very much.

Preacher Mom said...

Please pray for my sister. She found out today that she has a brain tumor. We have no details, no plan of action, and no prognosis yet. She goes to a neuro-surgeon on Thursday. My whole family is pretty much in shock, so prayers for us all would also be appreciated.

Songbird said...

Preacher Mom, you all have my prayers. So sorry to hear this.

Juniper said...

Praying for Songbird and Preacher Mom

Mother Laura said...

Thank you for sharing these powerful words!

Songbird, thank you for updating us...I continue to hold you in the light for all your desires including the magnificent physical reality you have created in the last year.

Preacher Mom, I am so sorry to hear the bad news on your sister's health and lift up her and the whole family to healing and consoling divine love.