Monday, May 5, 2008

Psalm 131

O God, I am not proud;*
I have no haughty looks.

I do not occupy myself with great matters,*
or with things that are too hard for me.

But I still my soul and make it quiet,
like a child upon its mother's breast;*
my soul is quieted within me.

O Israel, wait upon our God,*
from this time forth forevermore.


Mother Laura said...

Moving day is Friday and things are very hard around here on and off. We need prayers for

--my management of my PTSD, which is being triggered pretty intensely by the whole process

--Nicholas' work with his excellent new therapist. He liked her and her art materials, but is deeply ambivalent about counseling (we're letting him pick the person but requiring the process) and may keep testing both her and us about the whole thing.

--A really good therapist for Matt, who has finally consented to start looking at his part of the family dynamics and is completely new to that world

--Discernment about whether we should seek a marital therapist as well and, if so, a really good person. It's even harder to find someone gifted at working with more than one person...

Many thanks.

Mother Laura said...

I just visited Kirstin at Barefoot and Laughing and found that she was recently diagnosed with melanoma in her ear. Luckily, it has not metastasized. She will have surgery on May 15 followed by a clinical trial with interferon to reduce the risk of recurrence. I'm sure she would welcome prayers and also comments of support.