Saturday, May 3, 2008

Prayer for Saturday before Ascension Sunday

Almighty God,
As we prepare to preach, teach, and lead worship, guide our hearts our thoughts our words our hands.
It is so difficult for those of us who did not grow up in a faith tradition that saw this to be an important part of what they taught or preached to wrap our minds around the Ascension.
That may be a good thing, because we don't take it for granted that everybody out there knows the words, the scripture and its meaning. But God help us not to then over load everybody out there.
And it may be a good thing that we are from the traditions that did include it in its teachings and practice, because we are comfortable with it and can move beyond just teaching to the depth of the experience.
Where ever we are today with this Lord, inspire us that we too may be an inspiration to others, just as your son inspired those that day of ascension so long ago.

Dinah Roe-Kendall's acrylic painting of the Ascension of Jesus

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