Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Come I this day to the Father,
Come I this day to the Son,
Come I to the Holy Spirit powerful;
Come I this day with God,
Come I this day with Christ,
Come I with the Spirit of kindly balm.

God, and Spirit, and Jesus,
From the crown of my head
To the soles of my feet;
Come I with my reputation,
Come I with my testimony,
Come I to you, Jesu;
Jesu, shelter me.


Mary Beth said...

Oh Lordy. This makes me cry! I came here to pray and to ask for your prayers, and here RevMommy already answered me, I think. (Or God did, and RM wrote it down...)

I have to do written evaluation of all of my peers...original due date was Friday, but it just got pushed up to today. (Thanks!)

Last year was the first year for us to do this, and I received some very nasty and hurtful comments...and no positive ones. I was crushed and furious. We had a very divisive interim director in place, who was angry that she hadn't gotten the permanent job and...I was on the search committee. Yeah. I feel pretty certain that she elicited some or all of those comments.

I feel that hurt in my body, just remembering it.

My resolution this year is to write something positive about every one of my colleagues, and if I have to write something negative, to phrase it in a constructive manner.

God help me: The former interim director is one of the evals I have to do. The angry hurt part of me wants to smoke her. But I come, as this says, with my reputation. And with my integrity. And I will give my testimony.

Please keep me in your prayers, sisters. Libby Roderick is singing as I work.

Songbird said...

Praying for you, MB.

the reverend mommy said...

Yes, praying for you. I can understand teh urge to smoke -- that's very human. I hope you can find something to say positive.


I'm going to ask for prayers -- I need an appointment. I haven't heard anything from my District Superintendent. I'm going to need to know REAL SOON.

There are 4 options right now - some of which may dry up. I'm sitting on pins and needles.

Mary Beth said...

It is finished and turned in. Yes indeed, I can be positive and find good things to say, even about her.

What a relief! I am going to try to leave early and go to an exercise class to celebrate. (Get the bad ju ju out of my muscles...)

Thanks for your prayer support. It helped. RevMommy, praying diligently for you.

Mother Laura said...

Go Mary Beth! Congratulations and I hope you enjoyed the reward.

Prayers for you, RM.