Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thursday Prayer

God of hopefulness and joy, give us a cheerful sense of our blessings. Make us content with all that you provide for us. Teach us that nothing can hurt us since you hold us in your kind and loving hands. Chase from our hearts all gloomy thoughts, and make us glad with the brightness of hope; through Jesus Christ our Lord.
—Book of Common Order of the Church of Scotland


Deb said...

Wow. This was a Providential prayer for me today... thanks.

Prayers appreciated. I meet with my Lead Pastor to discover if there is any position, however P/T for me, and what my next steps are towards ordination. The meeting is Friday morning (April 18)...

God is in the now and the not yet. This I believe.


Mother Laura said...

Prayers for your meeting tomorrow, Deb, and the path ahead of you to deeper ministry.

Juniper said...

I've got that antsy irritated feeling that means either that
1. God is getting ready to help me birth something difficult OR
2. I just need to get some sleep.
Either way, prayers for ease are most appreciated.

Mother Laura said...

Oh, I know that antsy feeling. Prayers and (((Juniper))).