Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Prayer of Love for Easter 6

Holy and gracious God, we thank you for the gift of life. We thank you especially the gift of Jesus, who has come to reconcile the whole world to you; the Christ through whom you pour out your self-offering of love. We praise and bless those whom you have sent in the power of the Spirit to preach this Gospel-love to all nations. We thank you that in all parts of the earth communities gather in your Name. Communities who, because they know your love at the center of their being, are grounded in gentleness, reverance, and integrity. May the Holy Spirit continue to abide in us, lead us, and remind us always of your presence. May we be your servants too. May we, through the power of the Spirit, be the vessels through whom your love continues to flow into this broken world. May we always remember that how we live our lives speaks louder than the words we use, may our lives be a testimony of love to you. Amen.


Deb said...

Thanks and thanks and thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement. They mean more than you know...

Basically -- Mark (Lead Pastor) had no clue I was in such a knot. HE knew that he had a plan. Never had a clue that it was affecting me so. (DUH?????)

The bottom line is - I am the noob - I don't get my dream job. But he also said that he wanted to keep me because I am an asset. The initial plan is part -time (VERY part-time) 12 hours a week. My main focus is pastoral care - member care - what our church has been crappy at for years.

I told him that I need to keep it VERY part time in order to do summer school, etc. and that I had to start taking days off because I hadn't really had one in 8 months other than a week at the beach. SO we talked about that. The other reality is -- twice a year is about as much as I will get promised - for now - to preach. It means that Mark preaches one or two less, or one of the other preaching team members. He knows and sees my passion and believes that I need practice to "get it down." We also talked about the fact that I might go do pulpit supply some place to get some practice. And he was even good with my being away on Sundays. At least in principle.

I would have a "salary" that is my housing allowance. It won't be much. But it will be something. And yes... Plans are going forward for ordination this summer.

To hash out the details, we are going to sit down with our spouses (my hubby and his wife - who is one of my other mentors) to talk turkey. Because Ken is my backstop and can play "bad cop"... HE is not the employee. So he can be blunt. And he can also talk about what he sees me doing.

I am cautiously optimistic. At least for the summer, I know what I can handle. From there... it's all a matter of time. And money. And upon graduation, (and this I DID say) I will need a "real" job. Real salary and real benefits. And if JC isn't ready at that point for me to take a full-time job, then we move on from there.

He really did not get why I cried. I said -because when I am really passionate REALLY engaged in what is my heart.. I cry. I don't do it at church very often. I don't often cry with Ken... because I'm emo enough without tears...

A couple of really good lessons in this for me -

laying it all down - being real - GOD - I want what YOU want for me
keeping a balance...

I need to keep my friendships and mentors going inside and outside of my church... because otherwise it is too closed a system. And RevGals... wow. you all rock.

I am so grateful.


Mary Beth said...

Go Deb! I'm so, so glad you got all this out into the open.

Of course you are an asset and so glad he knows and acknowledges this.

So much great stuff here. You are saying your needs, you are being sure you are heard by bringing others into the conversation...)

I am proud for you! You are doing awesome! God has huge plans for you, Missy!