Monday, April 21, 2008

Ascension Hymn

Rejoice, the Lord of life ascends
to triumph from earth's battlefield:
his strife with human hatred ends,
as sin and death their conquests yield.

No more his mortal form we see;
he reigns invisible but near;
for in the midst of two or three
he makes his glorious presence clear.

He reigns, but with a love that shares
the troubles of our earthly life;
he takes upon his heart the cares,
the pain, and shame of human strife.

He reigns in heaven until the hour
when he, who once was crucified,
shall come in all love's glorious power
to rule the world for which he died.

Text: Albert F. Bayly
Tune: Parker

The Hymnal 1982, #222


Juniper said...


I need prayers today, that I will remember the reality of my gifts and skills.

Had to fire someone on Friday, which was a first for me and about as horrible as you'd expect.

First thing this a.m. received a 2 page single page letter from the fire-ee, all invective about me. Some of which is true and some not, but all of it is pushing my "I'm not responsible/smart/organized/capable enough for this role..." buttons.

Luckily, I have therapy today. And now your prayers, too.

Thanks friends....

Mother Laura said...

Oh, Juniper, how painful. I am sending good energy and prayer support and glad you have therapy today too.

Take good care of yourself, okay?

Songbird said...

I'm late in the day, but you still have my prayers, juniper.