Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday Prayer

(Adapted liberally from a prayer written by Annabel Shilson-Thomas, UK)

Jesus, you set your face towards Jerusalem and walked alongside those who suffer. Be our vision that we too may walk the way of compassion and extend a hand to those we meet.
Lord, hear our prayer…
And in your love, answer.

Lord, you stopped to heal the sick and tend to those broken in body, mind or spirit. Be our vision that we too may be a source of healing to all in need of your grace.
Lord, hear our prayer…

Jesus, you said, “The first shall be last and the last first.” Be our vision that we too may work towards your realm – when the marginalized and oppressed will be raised up and know that they are indeed beloved children of the Holy.
Lord, hear our prayer…

Jesus, you took the time to pray and to be silent. Be our vision that through our prayers, meditation and reflection we may draw closer to you and find our way on this journey of faith.
Lord, hear our prayer…

Lord, you entered Jerusalem with peace in your heart. Be our vision that we too can live as people of peace in the face of the world’s many conflicts. May we hold your vision of justice and peace ever before us.

Bless us, O Blessed One, as we enter into the days ahead of us. We will need your power and presence to sustain us as we move through these difficult days together. Spirit of Love and Life, stay close.

These and all the prayers of our hearts we offer in faith, as we pray the way you taught us to pray, singing…


Free Flying Spirit said...

What a powerful prayer!

I am recovering slowly from something quite unexpected, so am asking for your prayers.

I went to hospital after I was discovered weak and incoherent when our church secretary called to ask if she could get me some soup, as she was eating late. I actually heard that call later when I got home...scary to hear oneself in such a state of confusion.

I had an invasive infection known as 'cellulitis'. It is often in the leg, but this was in my face and it took over my left eye and was spreading. A couple of days in ER and then in the room, shortly after being there, I crashed, and ended up in ICU. Quick acting nurses and a doctor who wouldn't leave until someone took over...he was a plastic surgeon, but knew I was in trouble.

Needless to say, I was lucky, the nurse who discovered trouble thought I wouldn't make it, but I did. I can see all right, but it will take a long time to get back to normal...mainly the left eye. My voice is sounding bass...not me, but that's all right.

I am out of 'commission' for a month as this time is critical to making sure it is going and staying away. I can catch things from people, though they can't from me.

It is very hard to not be a part of this Holy Week services, but I know I need to do this and God is here with me, watching and waiting and comforting. I saw him in Light that seemed to come through at times.

I have to stop now. I do little on the computer and darken the screen.

I will put a poem about the 'Light In Strange Places' on my blog...spiritual moves to Easter.

It's been such a strange happening, surely it can only lead to some new life learning and hope.

Thank you for your prayers!

Mother Laura said...

Praying for you, FFS. I'm sorry that your Holy Week was disrupted by this and hope that there is grace and continued divine presence as you heal.

Free Flying Spirit said...

Thank you, mother laura!

The doctor said I can go to our Easter Sunday Service...I live in the same building so that helps.

When the weather is nice I can walk outside, now I walk in the gym here. I have to keep moving, but still tire easily.

The eyes will take a long time I am told, but the doctor is pleased with their progress. I reacted to the IV medication which has me still scratching day and night. Sleep is elusive, but so needed right now.

Easter blessings to you!

Mary Beth said...

Praying, FFS!