Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh my Beloved Adonai
You are alive for me today.
Seeing the wind caress the branches
Of the trees
I am delivered by Your grace into the infinity of Your existence.

You are alive in me today.
I feel Your presence coursing through my body and
Burning my heart with a golden fire.
Your voice -- such sweet silent flames of raging love
That purify me in blissful splendor but do not consume me.

Oh My Beloved
Oh Ever Faithful One
Open my mouth so that my lips may declare Your praise now and always
Open my heart to Your Love now and forever.

"Early Morning Blessing" - Ronald Bedrick

"Burning Bush" textile - Chana Cromer

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Mother Laura said...

This is gorgeous LC, thanks.

Thanks for the retreat prayers, everyone--it was glorious though I am exhausted from the driving there and back and adjusting to being back in my life. Being by the beach made me incredibly happy and considering moving right near our local one--we found an apt that is no more expensive though smaller and would have to decide pretty fast. And I am deeply confused about whether the hassle of moving and downsizing would be worth it. Discernment prayers would be much appreciated.