Monday, March 24, 2008

Hail Thee, Festival Day

Hail thee, festival day!
blest day that are hallowed forever,
day whereon Christ arose,
breaking the kingdom of death.

Lo, the fair beauty of earth,
from the death of winter arising!
Every good gift of the year
now with its Master returns:

Daily the loveliness grows,
adorned with the glory of blossom;
heaven her gates unbars,
flinging her increase of light:

Spirit of life and of power,
now flow in us, fount of our being,
light that dost lighten all,
life that in all dost abide:

Praise to the Giver of good!
Thou Love who art author of concord,
pour out thy balm on our souls,
order our ways in thy peace:

Text: Venantius Fortunatus
Tune: Ralph Vaughan Williams

The Hymnal 1982 175
Church Publishing Incorporated


Mother Laura said...

Happy Easter!

I am driving to northern California for retreat today and home on Friday. Please pray for safe travels, a peaceful and blessed time with Christ, and for my family at home.

Blessings on everyone's week and prayers for those traveling to the Big Event.

Juniper said...

traveling mercies, ML.