Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Hymn

Come away to the skies, my beloved arise
and rejoice in the day thou wast born;
on this festival day, come exulting away,
and with singing to Zion return.

For the glory we were first created to share,
both the nature and kingdom divine!
Now created again that our lives may remain,
throughout time and eternity thine.

We with thanks do approve the design of that love
which hath joined us to Jesus' Name;
so united in heart, let us never more part,
till we meet at the feast of the Lamb.

Text: Charles Wesley
Tune: Middlebury

The Hymnal 1982 #213

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Mother Laura said...

Thanksgiving to God and to everyone who prayed for our apartment discernment! We have a gorgeous three bedroom apartment in Huntington Beach, so I can have a study for the first time in three years. It costs more but the public schools are great so we will end up saving quit a bit once this school year is over.

Thanks also for your prayers for my friend Melani, who is handling this health challenge with astonishing grace. She will have a double mastectomy on Friday (one side is affected, other is for prevention and stress relief) and a single node biopsy. Decisions about chemo, radiation, and taking more lymph nodes, which they especially hope to avoid, will follow.

Please pray for her and her doctors as the surgery happens and more decisions are made. Also, we are now cleaning, decluttering, and packing at lightspeed since moving weekend is less than four weeks away, so prayers for our harmony and guidance in that process would be appreciated.


Thank you also