Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday prayer

My soul proclaims your greatness Oh my God
And my spirit has rejoiced in you, my Savior
For your regard has blessed me
An ordinary woman who searches.
From this day all generations will call me blessed
For you are mighty, you have made me great
And holy is your name.
Your mercy is on those who fear you through all generations.
You have scattered the proud and their hearts' fantasies.
You put down the might from their seat
And have lifted up the powerless.
You have filled the hungry with good things
And have sent the rich empty away.
You, remembering your mercy, have helped your people Israel
As you promised Abraham, Sarah and mercy to their children forever.
--translation from Language About God in Liturgy and Scripture: A Study Guide


Songbird said...

Friends, I'm having a phone interview today at 1:30 Eastern for the UCC's new church development pastor program. I would appreciate your prayers, that I might discern what God is calling me to do next.

Mother Laura said...

Wow, you're in there right now. Prayers are definitely on the way.

Thank you, everyone, and thanks be to God for answering our prayers for my friend's wife, the job-searching law student. She doesn't have a job yet, but just got good news on a much bigger scale: the government has decided to implement loan repayment help and eventually loan forgiveness for law grads who work in public service jobs. This was her initial goal anyway--her favorite part of law school has been working on a Guantanamo/human rights project--but the debt load they were taking on made her want to spend some time in corporate law first to dig them out. So now she can apply for public service jobs and surely get one, esp. since it's way impressive that she was the only 1-L asked to work on the Guantanamo stuff.

Songbird said...

Thank you, ml.