Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tuesday Prayer

He who brought water is with us

He who brought bread is with us

We shall find the water

We shall be the water

I am the water of life

You are the water of life

We are the water of life

We shall find the water

We shall be the water.

Dorothee Soelle, anthologized in God Has No Religion


Mother Laura said...

Please pray for Sue, a second year law student who is having a challenging time finding a position for next summer (yes, it all happens now, and often leads to postgraduation employment if it goes well too--so the stakes are high).

Free Flying Spirit said...

I am going away for four days next week...from Tuesday to Saturday for a time of needed personal retreat, though mainly for rest..it is a Sabbath in other ways as well.

Please pray that the rest, reflection and peace will enter and sustain what God is doing within me at this time.

Thank you for this...