Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Prayer

God of Grace and Glory, we pause now in this place of worship to turn our hearts, minds and spirits toward you. Yes, we have places to go and busy days ahead of us. It would be easy to skip quickly to the closing hymn and get on with our day. God, we choose to turn to you and say thank you from the deepest part of our being. God, hear our prayers.

God, we have so very much to be thankful for. Even in the midst of our private struggles, and those needs we have heard in our prayer requests, there are blessings. There are friends who care and pray for us. There are faith communities like ours who encircle those in need and of course there is your ever-present Spirit to guide and comfort us along the way.

For these, and for all your many blessings, we do give thanks, O God.

God, bless all who have need of your grace and healing this day. Bless those who are able to reach out and ask for help, just as you bless those who suffer in solitude. Bring peace to the hearts of those who live in spiritual, emotional and personal turmoil. Bring strength to all who need it and comfort to those who simply need to feel your presence near them.

Wondrous God, in thanks and praise, we pray for peace in our time. Make us agents of your grace. Help us to be a part of the world’s transformation. Bless this path we share as the friends and followers of Jesus, and hear us now as we sing together the prayer that he taught his friends so long ago…


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