Friday, October 26, 2007

A Collect For Harvest

Holy God, Creator, Sustainer and Renewer of Life, grant that, secure in your goodness in the past,and rejoicing that you meet our needs in the present,we may work and pray for the coming of your future kingdom,that kingdom which is peace and prosperity, justice and joy;through Jesus Christ, who lived and died and was raised to Life that all may share. AMEN


lorna (see throughfaith) said...


(and what a beautiful picture - it really brigtened my day here!)

I've been struggling a bit this week - has gastric flu (yuck) but also fighting the beginning of SAD I think. I'm about to hunt out my light again - and have started taking anti-depressents (half dose) again as both helped last winter - but would also appreciate prayer

Father of Light draw close! Amen?

Preacher Mom said...

I would like to ask for prayers for teenagers who were in a serious car accident today. You may find more details here.

Teri said...

friends, please pray for the Olson family, and for the friends of Katherine, a 24 year old woman who was murdered in Minneapolis this week. She was the best friend of a good friend of mine.

Pray also for the Marshalls, seminary classmates of mine who have lost their second baby in 18 months. They want a baby so badly, and to have lost two is crushing for them.

Mother Laura said...

Oh, such terribly hard and sad things. Prayers for healing love on all counts.