Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday Prayer

In the name of the Spirit of God
who hovered over the primal waters.
In the name of the Word of God
who parted the waters for Earth to appear.
In the name of the Wisdom of God,
who filled the deep with amazing designs. Amen

Holy! Holy! Holy!
The oceans are filled with God’s presence.

Christ, we come into your presence, today,
to worship in this sanctuary called Earth,

Holy! Holy! Holy!
Earth is filled with your presence.

From Season of Creation Liturgy: Week One, Ocean


Mother Laura said...

Thank you for this beautiful prayer.

The miscarriage is happening today. I am sad but physically it's manageable so far. Please pray I will stay safe and not need a D and C, and that Matt's travel from California to Toronto to be with me is safe and blessed as well.

Teri said...

oh Mother Laura, I'm sorry. many prayers for you...

Mary Beth said...

Praying for you, Laura. Blessings.

Teri said...

Prayers for our church family...we lost a "nephew" (of a church member, but who was closely connected to the church though he's really from far away), a soldier we supported with many care packages, to the war today.

juniper68 said...

Such sad news. Praying for you Laura and your family, and for you and your church Teri as well.

Widening Circles said...

Praying for you, Mother Laura, and for your church family, Teri.