Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Way ahead

Jesus,You are the Way

Help us see You, hear You
and step out
with confidence and joy as we obey You today



Lorna (see through faith) said...

Praying for Bill, teri, Mike, Mom Priest, juniper and her husband and all in RevGals who need an extra special touch from God today.

My very belated apologies for not posting last Saturday. I totally forgot about it.

Please pray for my church - and for me- that I would see the Way (pun intended) ahead and keep my eyes on Jesus and not naval gaze or point fingers at others.

rev maria said...

This has been a busy week for the prayer chain at my church - I don't think I've emailed so many prayer requests in one week since I got here 4 years ago!

For Lorna and all she named, Lord, we ask your blessing. For all who are suffering or waiting for news of loved ones after surgeries, Lord, we ask your blessing. For all your servants, for all the leaders of congregations where ever they may be, Lord, we ask your blessing. Guide us in your way and help us remember that Your way and the way we want to go are not always the same.