Friday, August 3, 2007

Something new today

Saturday 4th August


today I pray for discouraged bloggers out there, especially within the RevGals community. You are the one who has pulled us together, and I pray for a spirit of prayer, of unity, and of encouragement to move through our midst again, so that all we do, say and write will be for Your Glory.


A roadway in the wilderness He leads me
and Rivers in the desert will I see
Heaven and earth will fade
but His word will remain
He will do something new today

God will make a way
When there seems to be no way
He works in ways we cannot see
He will make a way for me

He will be my guide
Hold me closely to His side
with love and strength for each new day
He will make a way
(Don Moen)

please note though that Jesus is portrayed solely as a white middle class young man with the exception of one wonderful picture which really spoke to me. Can you guess which one?


Lorna (see through faith) said...

sorry I had to post this early, hope you are blessed anyway :)

Lorna xx

Mary Beth said...

Wonderful, Lorna!