Monday, August 27, 2007

Is "oops" a prayer?

I accidentally posted an entry for my personal blog here, but I've taken it down now. Apologies for any confusion or irritation.


rev maria said...

My dear sisters, Between 11 Saturday morning and 5 Monday evening I lost 2 members of my congregation and my beloved bunny, The Reverend Samuel T. Rabbit. Sammy's unexpected death from a tumor allowed me to release some of the pain I was feeling, but I am finding it difficult to stop crying now, Tuesday morning. Please keep me in prayer that I might be the presence I must be for the grieving families and to continue with all the work I must accomplish this week as I too walk through that valley of darkness.

Lorna (see through faith) said...

oops is the best prayer I know :)

and huh? the most prophetic utterance (cos then God tells you more)

be blessed.

Prayers for you RevMaria. Grieve well, knowing God is close by