Friday, July 20, 2007

Thursday July 19th

Father on this the RevGals' second Birthday we thank you that this has been such a safe haven for so many women in - and on the fringes of - ministry. We ask that You continue to give us ears and eyes to hear and see what You are doing in Rev Gals and the courage to run with it!

I declare that when we lack wisdom, we can ask in faith and it is given to us generously. I ask that You Father God make this true in each of our lives. You give us every spiritual blessing - help us to set aside our own building plans and build Your Kingdom wherever we are for Your glory.

And the women of God and their friends said



Lorna (see through faith) said...

sorry for the lateness of this I had some blogger problems

kept getting code bX-9z85b6 whatever that might mean.

Bless you all

revabi said...

Lorna, I thought you switched with me, how wonderful to see you here on Thursday, and a pryaer for us all. Thanks.