Friday, July 13, 2007

A Prayer For Procrastinators

Loving and gracious God: Some of your friends have told me that we live our lives in the tension between the “now” and the “not yet.” Well, I live in the self-inflicted tension of “Not yet…not yet…not yet…” Sometimes it’s because I’m afraid of failing. Sometimes it’s because I’m afraid of succeeding. Sometimes it’s because…well, sometimes I don’t even know why. But it’s worrying, and tiring, and sometimes it’s inconveniencing or even hurtful to others. Please help me, and my emotional kinfolk, get “unstuck,” wherever we are, so we can be about the business of living you into the world around us. In Jesus’ name. Amen


Rainbow Pastor said...

Love it, LC--and very appropriate for me today....

Matt has a tentative diagnosis of fibromyalgia. He is waiting for a referral to a rheumatologist for a final diagnosis, but it certainly makes sense to me. His family has doubted that he is even ill--very common with this disease--so please continue to keep him and his family in prayer.

Thank you all so much.

Mary Beth said...

Thank you for this, LC. Boy, do I identify!

Please keep me in your prayers, sisters, as I continue to stand by my husband in his deep depression. He is doing some things that seem to me to be "lashing out," at the same time that I am working on my OWN stuff and trying to convince myself that I can't do a darn thing to fix him.

Maybe that's WHY I am getting this reaction from him. It is very painful, nevertheless.

Teri said...

this prayer is perfect!
and my request is not so serious as others, but it is my prayer for today nonetheless:
I have a cold and my voice is nearly non-existent. I am preaching this Sunday, three services, AND my grandparents are coming to visit for the weekend. I need my voice back, and my congestion cleared up, and patience for my grandmother. please.

juniper68 said...

Dear ones,

Prayers for RP, MB and Teri - for good health for family and friends and self.

love this prayer, as I am actually here procrastinating sermon writing. so prayers for me too, as I am ending my time with this congregation that I remember that I cant say EVERYTHING now.

Singing Owl said...

Praying for ALL.