Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday Prayer

A Prayer for Wednesday
Creator God,
You imagined us into being before we were born.
You called us by name at baptism,
and You have already set a place for us at your Banquet Table in Heaven.

From beginning to ending, we are cradled in your care.
Help us to remember all others whom You have invited into your company
and to rejoice that we are one in the wide diversity of family.

Help us to perceive the unstirred wings of angels in all people.
We give You our selves that in the mystery of your love,
You may use our voice to speak a word of hope,
our hands for an act of charity,
and our learning to assist someone on their journey home to You.

We commend all that we are

for your Glory.



the reverend mommy said...

I'm still not up to snuff -- please pray for healing.

Mary Beth said...


Mary Beth said...

Will you please pray for me as I prepare for serious discussion with 18 year old boy?

He has announced he doesn't want to be a workaholic like his dad (who owns his own business) and that he's "down with working 30 hours a week, but no more."

We are not "down" with that, given that he is not in school and has no plans to be there any time soon. And lives in our house.

Mother Laura said...

Thank you for this beautiful prayer, especially in the face of your own healing process...prayers there for sure.

And for your discussion with your stepson, Mary Beth--so sorry that is such an ongoing struggle.

Please pray for me as I return to preparing my next conference paper--I leave for England July 9, and travel to Phoenix this weekend to help in my first ordination :-). So I am a little anxious, even though I know the last several weeks of spiritual work around the consecration was well invested....

Thanks for praying for my friend who had the difficult conversation a while back...he had it, and has made a peaceful and wise but difficult decision in response. Now he is facing another challenging conversation and the possibility of a real loss as the price of his prophetic please keep the prayers coming that this next person he talks to will be at their best and that he can salvage as much as possible given the realities of the situation.


rev maria said...

Praying for healing, and for approaching difficult conversations in a spirit of compassion, allowing all present to perceive those "unstirred wings of angels" in each other. And for an end to anxiety, as the Spirit will be in charge anyway.

Thank you reverend mommy, for the lovely prayer. What a perfect image for imperfect people.

Gannet Girl said...

Just the prayer I need for today.

I, too, would appreciate prayers for a son, a recent college graduate with some thoughts about what he might do, but mostly at loose ends, unconnected to anyone other than his similarly unmotivated buddies. As a group, their lethargy and lack of productivity is staggering to behold. I'm sure it's painful for him, especially as his twin brother is at the opposite end of the spectrum, but he does not seem able to break into the future. I KNOW it's painful for me.

Mary Beth said...

Serious conversation went very well, thanks for prayers.

He announced that he is planning to move out.

It is a bad idea & he will fail at it this time, I am pretty sure, but I am so grateful that he is doing SOMETHING. He has been utterly limp for the last year.

Working on more trust in God...