Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday Song of the Soul

Open mine eyes that I may see
Glimpses of truth thou hast for me
Open mine eyes, illumine me
Spirit divine...

What do you do for your living
Are you for giving, giving shelter?
Follow your heart; love will find you;
Truth will unbind you; sing out a song of the soul.

And we'll sing this song;
Why don't you sing along?
And we can sing for a long, long time.
Why don't you sing this song?
Why we can sing along?
And we can sing for a long, long time...

excerpted from Cris Williamson's Song of the Soul


rev maria said...

How beautiful. Thank you.

My niece Allyson will undergo a lumpectomy tomorrow (Wednesday) morning and possible removal of 2 enlarged lymph nodes. Soon after she will begin chemo followed by radiation. Please keep her in your hearts.

She asked me to tell everyone who is praying that she feels the prayers. Her fear has been relieved and she faces the future with serenity and confidence. God is good!

Mother Laura said...

Please pray for me and everyone at my episcopal consecration today, and for my sisters in Sophia Catholic Communion--that we will renew our baptismal commitments and be rushed upon by the powerful Spirit of God to feel and share and dance her love ever more with her beloved people.

Thank you all, dearest sisters, for your love and support for me as I discovered my vocation and my voice, and for the examples of your faithful discipleship and wise shepherding of God's people.

juniper68 said...

Maria, God is indeed good! Prayers continue for Allyson.

Laura, Many blessings on this next step on the journey.

Rainbow Pastor said...

Maria, Allyson is in my prayers.
And, Mother Laura, may you and your sisters be enveloped with the love and power of the Spirit!

I ask you to keep me in prayer the next two days as we prepare to announce--our church has received a grant to conduct a study of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community here. The foundation which made the grant rarely does so to churches. Also, this is the first time a systematic study will have been done of our community here. This is a wonderful time and a nerve-wracking time. So prayers for serenity, patience, and energy are needed...

Thank you all!

rev maria said...

Laura, a day late, may yesterday's blessings stay with you and your sisters in all the days to come.

Rainbow, how wonderful for you and your church! I am praying for you all, but I leave patience off the list It has been my experience that a prayer for patience is an invitation to receive many opportunities to practice being patient. God has a sense of humor. :-)

Allyson goes in to surgery at 12:30 Central Time. I am praying that she wakes up with a sense of well being and a succesful surgery behind her.

see-through faith said...


Rev Maria how is your niece doing? prayers still ascending

for you Mother Laura that the Spirit will overwhelm you

for your survey RP

bless you all :)

Mother Laura said...

Thank you dear ones! The service was wonderful and though it will take me time to live into this new reality I am joyous and excited as well as a little overwhelmed!