Friday, June 8, 2007

A Prayer of St. Benedict

Gracious God, grant us the
Intellect to understand You,
Reason to discern You,
Diligence to seek You,
Wisdom to find You,
A spirit to know You,
A heart to meditate upon You.
May our ears hear You,
May our eyes behold You,
And may our tongues proclaim You.
Give us grace that our way of life may be
Pleasing to You, that we may have
he patience to wait for You, and the
Perseverance to look for You.
Grant us a perfect end: Your Holy Presence,
A Blessed Resurrection, and Life Everlasting.
We ask this through Jesus Christ Our Lord.


Preacher Mom said...

You can't even BEGIN to guess how much I wish I was on some remote island - RIGHT NOW!

I need some advice. You can get the background here and the dilemma here.


rev maria said...

Lovely prayer today. Thank you.

Rainbow Pastor said...

PM, You are in my prayers. Difficult people...

Please continue to keep my young friend in prayer. He's up and down now--one day handling things well, next day in depression. His new job is not proving to be what had been promised, which isn't helping--and work would have been one of the things that could have helped.

He is such an intelligent, warm, vital person. It actually hurts to see him like this.

Lorna (see through faith) said...

Lord lift the depression in RP's friend - restore the colour to his life - that He may see You at work in all He does including in his new workplace. Amen